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Ethical approval

Before a study can be conducted, permission of the Ethical Committee (EC) needs to be obtained. This rule applies to all research conducted within and outside the LAB.

  • Go to and log in with you UvAnet-id. Choose in the menu on the left side the option ‘Ethics’. As soon as you have created a new project, a new ethical number will be generated. You will need this number when reserving the lab. Before you start your study we advise you to do the following:

  • Prepare your software and stimuli.

  • Run a pilot to test data collection: we advise to run a pilot before starting the actual study. Check if your software runs well, if the timing is correct, if screen colours are correct or if calibration is needed, whether you get the right information in your recordings, if the files are in the correct folder etc. If you run the pilot with real participants, you need ethical approval before starting. See under data collection->get a lab for reserving a lab.

  • Run a data analysis pilot to test the data analysis, so that you are sure that all the data you need is available in your recordings and can be analysed.

When you have a METC approval, create a new project, fill the fields with the text ‘METC’ and upload your METC approval document. Contact your Ethical board member about your request and ask for a permission for your project.

Data Collection:

In the data collection phase, you will need a lab, participants and a reward for the participants. Most of these steps are managed in the LabTool. The steps in the LabTool are as follows:

  1. Book a lab: contact the lab coordinator of your program group

  • Pedagogical researchers: contact Lucia Willems of Stephanie Mizrahi for access to the baby labs. For access to the coding cubicles mail

  • Communication researchers: contact the lab coordinator Nico Notebaart.

When a researcher gets access to a lab, this needs to be recorded in the lab calendar ( by booking an option period, based on your ethical number. This is done by the lab coordinator.

Second, researchers need to define on which days they intend to collect data in the lab; those days need to be recorded in the agenda, as lab hours, as well. This should be done by the researchers themselves.

  1. Define lab hours (LabTool: Booking):

      • Login on, choose ‘booking’. Search the lab you are allowed to book in the period you asked for. There should be a grey line with on the right side your ethical number.

Click on the grey line, now a window opens with ‘new lab hours’ as title. Define the days you will be in the lab.

In busy periods (March-July) you may have to share the lab with other researchers. When there are more ‘grey lines’ in the agenda for your lab, in the same period, this means other researchers also have access to the lab. By defining your lab hours (in consultation with the other lab users) you make clear on which days you intend to be in the lab

  1. Configure your project in the recruitment section (In LabTool: Recruitment) :

  • Write a promotion text and title for the ad on our website
  • Define rewards credits, money or both

  • Decide which type of appointments you will use:

      • walk-in

      • appointment by researcher

      • appointment by participant

If you choose ‘walk-in’ you should not use the other two options. If you choose walk-in, we expect you to be in the lab during those hours.

Clearly define the entry requirements for participation.

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