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Perform measurements (In LabTool: Labbook)

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Perform measurements (In LabTool: Labbook)

  • During measurements, register the rewards participants have earned immediately in the LabTool,

  • Pay the rewards or fill in the documents for the rewards. Please don’t wait too long with sending them in. The payment process by the administrative office of the UvA also takes time. The longer you wait, the longer a participant has to wait for their money.

  • Save the raw data on university storage (this will be specified later this year in a separate document on the website under Data Management.

  • When finished, remove all your software, stimuli and data from the lab computer

  • When finished, anonymize your data

  • Deliver written informed consent forms at the Lab-desk. They will take care of archiving them. The form in Appendix D (end of this document) should be filled in before delivering the consent forms at the desk.

  • Psychologists have access to psychology servers for advanced statistical analyses. Request an account on

  • All researchers who need calculation power go to:

    • Lisa grid:

    • hpc-cloud:

  • For video analysis, you can use observer XT, please contact

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