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SAMPLE SYLLABUS 1: Undergraduate Psychology Course

Abnormal Psychology
Course Description: The major focus of this course is mental illness and abnormal behavior, in light of modern theory and knowledge. Current trends and modern methods of diagnosis, understanding, treatment, and prevention are discussed. Students enrolled in this course may be required to share information regarding their personal life, family, or relationships.

Additional Description: This course provides a foundation on the taxonomy, epistemology, prevalence, course, and treatment of mental disorders as classified in DSM-5 from biological, psychological, and sociocultural perspectives that incorporate viewpoints from a number of theoretical frameworks. Case studies will be utilized frequently to supplement understanding of these disorders and provide examples of how they are manifested in people’s lives. Be aware that details from cases may be disguised or altered to protect confidentiality. The class will be lecture oriented, with opportunities for group discussion, personal reflection, and creative engagement with the course material.

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