Handbook of the Psychology of Aging

The Impact of the GI Bill

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The Impact of the GI Bill

One of the major historical influences that led to marked increases in educational attainment fora broad segment of the population was the GI Bill, which benefited veterans of World War II and the Korean War (
& Sampson, 2005; Sampson
Laub, 1996; Segal, 2005 ).
Further educational training was provided through GI Bills for veterans of World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Study of the effects of the GI Bill on World War II veterans is of particular interest, because a greater proportion of the US. male population was involved in World War II than in the Korean or Vietnam wars. The effects of the GI Bill on post- secondary education were most pronounced. Almost half of all veterans of World War II and the Korean conflict used the benefits for education and training, and 82 percent of those veterans who had attended college before the war made use of GI benefits to continue their education ( Nam, 1964
). Approximately one-third of veterans whose college work was interrupted by military service finished college or went onto graduate or professional school. For veterans who had just completed high school or had barely started college, one-fifth went onto get a college degree and a larger proportion took at least some college work. In comparison, only 10 percent of those who were working at the time of military service acquired at least an academic year of schooling after the war. Sampson



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