Handbook to Accompany Outline Planning Approval Form for Programmes / Changes to be Implemented in 2010-2011

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policies and guidelines Governing Academic Programmes

Office for Academic Programmes and Regulations
(last updated November 2018)

General Information
Title of Programme - NUI Policy in Relation to the Usage of Degree Titles
National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) Level and Type of Award (i.e. Major, Minor, Special Purpose, Supplemental)
Credit Weightings and Duration of Programmes
HEA Definition of Full and Part-time Students
Designing programmes for inclusion in the National Framework of Qualifications – FAQs
IUA Principles on higher education entry routes
UCC caveats relating to the IUA principles governing CAO Entry Routes
Interdisciplinary Programmes and Disciplines
Dual Awards – Conducting Due Diligence of Participating Institution’s Curriculum
Modularisation and Semesterisation Framework

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