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A. University-Related

Nicholas and Suzanne Bachner Samstag Fellowship, Columbia University, (MBA program), 1980‑82

Doctoral fellowship in Marketing, Columbia University, 1982-84

Beta Gama Sigma, 1982 MBA; 1984 Ph.D., Columbia University

UCLA summer research support, 1984-89

Chancellor's Faculty Career Development Award, UCLA, 1988

Wharton School Grant, summer salary support, 1990-2000

David W. Hauck Award for Outstanding Teaching in the Undergraduate Division,


World’s Best B-School Professors, Poets & Quants, 2012,


Voted winner of the Wharton “Iron Prof “Competition (MBA), The Wharton School,


Voted winner of the Wharton “Biz Talks Competition (UG), The Wharton School,


B. Professional

New York Chapter TIMS, "Management Science Student of the Year," 1982

AMA Doctoral Consortium Fellow, 1983

Marketing Science Institute Grant, 1990 (with B. Harlam and L. Lodish), $5000.

Finalist for the O'Dell Award, 1991: Kahn, Kalwani, and Morrison, Journal of Marketing Research paper—1986

First Runner-Up for Best Article Award, Journal of Retailing, 1991: Kahn and Lehmann, “Modeling Choice among Assortments”

Consortium Faculty, AMA Consortium, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1999, 2001, 2003,

2006, 2007, 2013

Marketing Science Institute Grant, 1995 (with C. Huffman), $5000.

John A. Howard Doctoral Dissertation Award (Advisor: Barbara Kahn,

Candidate: Satya Menon), 1996

National Science Foundation Grant, Proposal No. #SBR-9730182,”The

Subjective Value of Information in High-Stakes Domains: An Analysis of

Patient Decisions to Obtain Diagnostic Testing,” (with M.F. Luce), 1998.

Renewed, 1999-2001

(Total Amount Funded: $315,000)

Earl Dyess Lecturer, Texas Christian University, 1998

Nestles’ Lecturer, Lund Institute of Economics, 1999

2000 William R. Davidson Award, for article in the Journal of Retailing, 1998,

Best Contribution to Theory and Practice in Retail Marketing, third prize,

Huffman and Kahn, 1998, “Variety for Sale: Mass Customization or Mass


SCP-SHETH Dissertation Proposal Competition winner (Advisors: Barbara Kahn

and Mary Frances Luce, Candidate: Elizabeth Miller), 2002

Marketing Science Institute Grant, 2003 (with K. Grashoff and M.F. Luce), $3200

Wharton-SMU Research Center Grant (with S. RAmaswami) “Retail and Internet Assortment Variety Issues,” $33,500. (2002)

Wharton-SMU Research Center Grant (with M. F. Luce and S.Ramaswami) “Retail Assortment Variety Issues: Conflict Resolution in Store versus Brand Choice,” $66,000.(2003)

Wharton-SMU Research Center Grant (with S. Varghese and M. Lee), “Retrospective Preference for Variety: An Ease of Retrieval Perspective,” $38,422.22. (2004)

Center of Excellence in Cancer Communication Research (CECCR), Annenberg School, University of Pennsylvania, $15,000.

Leonard Davis Institute Pilot Project Grant, $15,000, 2005

2007 Davidson Award for the Best article in Journal of Retailing 2005 (Volume 81) for “Perceptions of assortment variety: The effects of congruency between consumers’ internal and retails’ external organization,” co-authored with Andrea Morales, Leigh McAlister and Susan M. Broniarczyk.

Finalist for Best Article award, Journal of Consumer Research, 2007, Kahn, B. E. and Wansink, B, “Impact of Perceived Variety on Consumption Quantity,” Journal of Consumer Research, March 2004, Vol 30 (4), 519-534.

Wroe Alderson Speaker, 2008 (at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania)

Fellow, Society for Consumer Psychology, February 2016

Fellow, Association for Consumer Research, October 2016

Marketing Science Institute Grant (with J. Rifkin and C. Chan) $10,000, 2016

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