Iops phd-course Statistical Consulting to Behavioral Scientists

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IOPS PhD-Course Statistical Consulting to Behavioral Scientists

University of Amsterdam, Psychological Methods

Leiden University, Institute of Psychology, Methodology and Statistics

March 2019

Credits 3 EC

Target group IOPS-dissertation students. The minimum number of participants is 6 and the maximum is 12. If less than 12 IOPS-dissertation students participate, the vacancies can be filled by others who have to pay for participation. Dissertation students who have done the master courses on Statistical Consulting of the University of Amsterdam, Utrecht University or Leiden University are exempt.

Lecturers Dr. E. Dusseldorp and Dr. R.J. Zwitser

Dates (options) Session 1: March 21 (10.00-17.00 hrs.) and March 22 (9.00-17.00 hrs.)

Session 2: April 4 (10.00-17.00 hrs.) and April 5 (9.00-17.00 hrs.)

Venue Session 1 will be at Leiden University, Institute of Psychology, Pieter de la Court gebouw, Wassenaarsweg 52, Leiden;

Session 2 will be at University of Amsterdam, Building G, Nieuwe Achtergracht 129-B, 1018 XA Amsterdam.

Objectives The student is able to:

  • Identify and recognize issues in a client project relevant for a statistical consultant, such as: research question, study design, sampling procedure, and measurement instruments;

  • Choose and apply (an) appropriate analysis technique(s) to answer the client’s research question(s);

  • Effectively communicate the choice of analysis technique, the statistical assumptions, the analysis results and how these answer the research question to the client (both oral and written);

  • Adapt the communication about statistics to the level of the client (two different types of clients will be addressed: scientific researchers and business people)

  • Solve a research problem under time pressure;

Format Consultancy interviews (role plays and real client), classroom discussions, and assignments.

Literature Several articles on topics related to statistical consultancy and communication about statistics, o.a.

ASA (2016). Ethical Guidelines for Statistical Practice.

Kennett, R., & Thyregod, P. (2006). Aspects of statistical consulting not taught by academia. Statistica Neerlandica, 60(3), 396–411.

Prerequisites Statistics and methodology at the level of the Dutch bachelor programs in the behavioral and social sciences.

Course fee The course is free for IOPS students. Non-IOPS members have to pay a fee.

Registration Please send an email to Louise Stutterheim,

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