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ISTP Newsletter
2018, Issue 1 Welcome to the first ISTP Newsletter of 2018. These are also my first remarks from the president, since I opted in the last ISTP Newsletter to introduce myself in the format of an interview (kindly organised by Basia Ellis and Evan
Shillabeer). I would like to begin by stating that I am very proud to have the opportunity to act as President of ISTP, and to work closely with an inspiring group of colleagues both on the executive and beyond. With the first and highly successful Tokyo 2017 event the best part of a year behind us, energies are currently being directed toward chapters new. It has now been officially decided that the next Conference will beheld in the fabulous Danish city of Copenhagen, with a planned date of 19

rd August, 2019 (to be confirmed. The conference is being conceived and planned by a local organising committee ably headed by Ditte Alexandra Winther-Lindqvist from Aarhus University. This group is in turn receiving guidance from an experienced conference planning committee drawn from the ISTP executive and headed by Antonia Larrain. The prospect of a conference in Copenhagen is exciting because fora number of years now Denmark has been amongst the most active and creative places for theoretical psychology, as is amply demonstrated by contributions at recent ISTP conferences. Our choice of biennial conference locations expresses our international nature as a Society. The last 8 conferences, for example, have taken us to Japan (Tokyo, 2015), Chile (Santiago,

2013), Greece (Thessaloniki, 2011), China (Nanjing, 2009), Remarks from the President Remarks from the President In this Issue Update from the Editor of T&P
Recent and Forthcoming Publications
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ISTP 2019: Copenhagen
ISTP Executive Note from the Editor

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