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Job Description

Job Title Graduate Academic Assistant, Department of Psychology
Ref: SCT258
Campus: Hendon
Grade: Grade 4
Salary: £24,175 to 27,578 per annum including Outer London Weighting
Period: Two year, Fixed Term Contract
Reporting To Head of Department
Role Summary
The role will typically beheld by a recent graduate and/or postgraduate in Psychology. The applicant will be expected to be eligible for Graduate Basis of Registration with the British Psychological Society. The role will provide support to other academic staff in some/all of the aspects of academic practice in a variety of environments. This could include support for student learning, teaching and assessment, research and/or knowledge transfer activities as well as academic administration duties. The role will require assisting academic staff in seminars and workshops teaching research methods.
Job Purpose

To provide support to academic colleagues and students and assist in promoting effective learning, teaching and assessment practices and/or to assist in research and knowledge transfer activities.

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