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Erickson, KI, Miller, DL, Weinstein, AM, Jakicic, JM. How normal weight, overweight, and obese brains work differently: differential neural responses to food stimuli and inhibition tasks. Presented at Cognitive Neuroscience Society (April, 2010), Montreal, Canada.

Szabo, AN, Voss, M, Erickson, KI, White, SM, Wojcicki, T, Mailey, E, Kramer, AF, McAuley, E. Hippocampus volume, memory function, and frequency of forgetting in older adults. Presented at Gerontological Society of America (November, 2009), Atlanta, GA.

Vo, LTK, Walther, DB, Wang, YM, Erickson, KI, Boot, WR, Voss, MW, Prakash, RS, Kramer, AF. Predicting training success for individuals from patterns of pre-training fMRI activity. Presented at Human Brain Mapping Conference (June, 2009), San Francisco, CA.

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