Leading psychological services

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Leading Psychological Services Leading Psychological Services

A report by the Division of Clinical Psychology,
The British Psychological Society
The British
Psychological Society

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Leading Psychological Services
The content of this document incorporates guidance from Division of Clinical Psychology on Organising, Leading, and Managing Psychological Services for applied psychologists, from pre-doctorate through to Director Grade. This document is based upon a recent research project (Coak 2006)
, the wider research literature, and the work undertaken for the New Ways of Working project. Acknowledgements The authors would like to thank the many colleagues who have given us helpful comments during the preparation of this document. This document was prepared on behalf of the Division of Clinical Psychology by Dr Alison

Coak, Clinical Psychologist in association with Tim Cate, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, and DCP Chair. The major part of this work was completed by Alison Coak during an organisational placement undertaken whilst on the Doctoral Programme in Clinical Psychology, University of Teesside.

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