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National Context

The Government’s current vision for future health and care provision emphasises well-being and recovery, social inclusion, independence, equality and diversity, choice, and working in partnership (between services and service users. The integrated community health and social care White Paper
Our health,
our care, our say,

(DH, a) covers all aspects of care that people need in the community. This document was the result of extensive public consultations, carried out by the government to find out what people want from health and social care services. They found that the public want

More choice about services

More care available outside hospital and closer to home

To take personal responsibility for their own wellbeing and to be supported in caring for themselves

Better care for those with long-term conditions This sets the scene for future service delivery, which will see increased control and choice being advocated for patients. Services will be provided closer to people’s homes or workplaces, using a variety of settings (i.e. libraries, adult education centres) and health and care services will work together across the lifespan. New technologies will be needed to help people to help themselves and allow them to become more involved in shaping local services DH, a. A further consideration for commissioning will be the future role of local government and other central commissioning agencies, and the potential organisational mechanisms of

Children’s Trusts, Older People’s Trusts and third sector providers. Health and social care organisations could lead or work together, as a consortium, developing strategies to commission services on a functional

(i.e. adult, older adult, children etc) rather than organisational basis.

8 There will also be a greater emphasis on
rather than
, which will lead to a growth in preventative interventions and health promotion. Social inclusion, equality, and diversity will also receive increased attention and will need to be incorporated into future strategies to improve the health and well-being of the population. Following the publication of
Race Equality in Mental Health Care

(DH, c, the Government committed to reduce the disproportionate rates of hospital admissions and compulsory detentions of people from Black and minority ethnic backgrounds by 2010. Revision of the Mental Health Bill will also have major workforce implications. Currently, treatment under the Mental Health Act (1983) can only be enforced in hospital. The new proposals extend these powers to allow treatment to be enforced in the community. As part of the revised Mental Health Bill, there are also proposed changes to the role of responsible medical officer (RMO). Renamed as clinical supervisor, the range of professionals eligible for this role will be extended. Mental health professionals with the appropriate skills and competencies will be eligible to undertake further training before being approved to take on the role. Psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers and occupational therapists may all be eligible for the role. The proposed legislation will also have implications for people who come under the Capacity Act (2005). This Act provides for people who do not have decision-making capacity and there are significant overlaps with the Mental Health Bill.

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