Leading psychological services

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Future Challenges

The future landscape of work within health and care services will be much broader, more diverse, and continually changing. The task for all professions will be adapting to these changes. Ina relentlessly evolving healthcare environment, the use of work groups or teams can allow flexibility in working and the generation and implementation of innovative services. The delivery of the reform agenda will see continued and expanded use of multidisciplinary team-based working. Teams need to take a lifespan approach, seamless across community and hospital settings and across specialties. Team integration of all professional groups needs to be balanced with sufficient professional and governance support. This state of perpetual change creates the need for strong leadership that can lead others in the process of change and is in its self, adaptable to the constantly changing environment. Three of the major challenges for psychological services will be

Service Organisation and Delivery

Workforce Modernisation

Leadership These issues are interlinked and have implications for the role and function of applied psychologists, and other health professionals involved in the delivery of psychological services.

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