Leading psychological services

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The target audience for this document is diverse and the relevance of each section will depend on the needs of the reader. Quick summaries of the key issues facing each of the main stakeholders associated with leading and the delivery of psychological services can be found at the end of section one.

The Reform Agenda
The organising framework for health reform initially described in the

(DH, a) was laid out again in
Health reform in England update and
next steps

(DH, d. The framework is a set of supporting reforms, intended to provide systems and incentives, which drive improvements in health and health services, increase responsiveness to patients, and reduce inequalities in health. The reform agenda is made up of four strands that are dynamically related and interdependent. This means that if one area of reform fails, the whole agenda will fail. Cost Money follows the patients Rewarding the best and most efficient providers, giving others the incentive to improve Choice Putting patients first More choice and a much stronger voice for patients Commissioning Diverse range of providers More freedom (for staff) to innovate and improve services Standards Ensuring safe, fair, high quality care A framework of system management, regulation, and decision making which guarantees equity and value for money Better care Better patient experience Better value for money
Organising Framework for Health Reform
(DH, d)

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