Management Marketing Discipline Norms

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Department/School: School of Management
Discipline (only if different to the above): Marketing
Faculty: Management and Economics
I confirm that the discipline norms detailed below were completed following consultation with Professors in the department, and have been verified by an external advisor.
Completed by: Jeffrey Unerman Date: 12/8/14


  1. What are the top-rated forms of research work in your discipline? E.g. journal articles, monographs, editions

Journal publication is regarded as the key indicator of research accomplishment.

  1. What lesser publications such as encyclopaedia entries, programme notes, reviews etc. command respect in your discipline?

Encyclopaedia entries are not really regarded as prestigious but they might be an indication of esteem. Editorships of major works and editorships/contributions to handbooks would certainly be estimable, as would book chapter contributions to well-regarded and international collections. Some marketing professors publish in well-regarded trade press such as Marketing Week, Admap, HBR.

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