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What are the guiding assumptions about sole

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What are the guiding assumptions about sole authorship, PI status, percentage contribution, joint editorship, etc.?

Sole authorship is relatively unusual in the field but is valued, as is being first author in multi-authored papers. Multiple authors are normally regarded as being first, then equal second authors. Being named on a successful grant application is very unusual in marketing, being PI more so. Again, all would be valued. Editorships are a mark of research leadership.

  1. What is the volume of productivity over what sort of timeline that might signify a.) a reasonable performance; b) a positive step-change for a professor in your discipline?

An average of one article in a highly regarded or leading international journal per year would be a high end norm in a research intensive university, but it would vary depending on the sub-disciplinary area and the other research outputs achieved. Productivity tends to be higher for marketing academics working in technical and quantitative sub-areas of the field on multi-authored papers. Qualitative work tends to take longer re. ethnographies etc.

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