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What are the norms for external involvement in your discipline within University of London, UK universities, international HE activity etc. that indicate a) a reasonable performance; b) a high performance?

External engagement would vary widely: external examining of courses and PhDs would be expected, perhaps also external advising on professorial appointments, while engagement with commercial or government/policy organisations would be valued.

  1. What particular forms of external academic, and where relevant non-academic, impact would indicate an acceptable and high performance in your discipline?

It is rare for marketing professors to generate significant impact from research and it is not normally an expectation. A high performance would be reflected in, for example, media coverage of research, being asked to speak at non-academic events/organisations, invitations to policy meetings, invitations to speak with commercial organisations, trade press comment etc.

  1. What kind and volume of Third Stream activity (including patents, spin-outs, outreach, knowledge transfer, consultancies, cultural interventions etc.) of benefit to the College etc. would be important in your discipline?

Varies widely depending on the consulting culture/connections and research intensity of the university/department. Marketing professors in research intensive universities would tend to engage with practice for research purposes rather than income generation, although there are a few notable exceptions who do a lot of consulting.


  1. What forms of leadership, internal and external, command respect in your discipline?

Leadership would include senior administration e.g. headship of the teaching group, successful PhD supervision, editorship of major works and handbooks, leading new programmes and courses, chairing a major conference or conference tracks, writing a successful textbook/monograph, reviewing/editing journals and special issues, publishing beyond the specialist marketing journals, writing books for major publishers, achieving policy impact and/or media coverage, and any form of external engagement or recognition.

  1. What forms of enhancement, such as support of improved performance by colleagues, command respect in your discipline?

Leadership of subject teaching groups, courses and programme development, research development e.g. PhDs, internal collaborations, staff development, editing/editorial boards membership.

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