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LP Psy Disorders BA:Psydisorder 1 03/23/09

What is Abnormal
Abnormal behavior is defined as behavior that is deviant, maladaptive, and/or personally distressful.

: The individual reports of great personal distress. o The distressed created by obsessive behavior drives a person wash her hands 4 times an hour, take 7 showers a day, and cleans her apartment twice.

Maladaptive behavior interferes with a person’s ability to function effectively in the world. o Believing that you are the leader of the free world and everyone is subservient to you would interfere with your ability to get along with others.

Behavior that is a serious deviation from social norms of that culture. o For example, washing your hands 4 times an hour, taking 7 showers a day, and cleaning your apartment twice a day is considered deviant.

LP Psy Disorders BA:Psydisorder 2 03/23/09 Who assesses these criteria


clinical psychologists When abnormal behavior becomes extreme, people are judged to have a psychological disorder. The difficulty in assessing a psychological disorder is

distinguishing between normal behavior and extreme behavior and

the presence or absence of the symptoms. People can be incorrectly labeled as having a psychological disorder for political, social reasons, rather than psychological.

When seeking treatment, especially drugs treatment, make sure you see a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist. Commercials on television tell you to go see your doctor or physician because most people have a physician and not a psychologist.

LP Psy Disorders BA:Psydisorder 3 03/23/09

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