Outcomes for session

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Implementation Science

Turning evidence into practice

Gail Nowek, Education Scotland

Crona Neil, Glasgow Psychological Service

Outcomes for session:

  • An understanding of Implementation Science and why it is important
  • A consideration of the optimal conditions for successful implementation
  • A consideration of possible barriers for successful implementation
  • Increased confidence in the implementation and evaluation of any evidenced based approach

There’s an elephant in the room...!

Change is hard!

Change is stressful!

Someone needs to lead for

change to happen.

Even when we think it is a good idea

change is difficult

Implementation Science

Implementation Science is the science of making interventions and programmes effective in real world contexts.

  • It seeks to understand the behaviour of professionals and other stakeholders as a key variable in successful sustainable implementation
  • It explores the barriers to successful implementation
  • It highlights core elements that need to be in place to support implementation

“one of the most critical problems our schools face is not resistance to innovation, but the fragmentation, overload, and incoherence resulting from the uncritical and uncoordinated acceptance of too many different innovations”

(Fullan and Stiegelbauer)

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