P rincipal Clinical Psychologist

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Lead of at least one aspect of the Psychological therapy service

  • To be autonomous and fully responsible within this role. Meetings are held with the Team Lead and Head of Psychological services to update them on progress and developments. Clinical work is allocated and devised autonomously.

  • To make decisions about recruitment of staff.

  • To make decisions regarding the allocation of work to team members.

  • To make judgements about identifying and meeting the training needs of team members.

  • To make decisions regarding the supervision needs of the team members.

  • To make decisions regarding the referral criteria used to determine patient’s suitability for intervention.

  • To make judgements regarding the development and implementation of the service across the hospital.

  • To make decision regarding the monitoring and evaluating of the service and how to adapt the service as a result of this evaluation

  • To make decisions about research strategy.

  • To be responsible deciding what the type assessment, formulation and intervention protocols are used in this service.

  • As a therapist in the PTS Service, the postholder must make highly complex judgements which require the analysis and interpretation of complex information e.g the relationship between an individual’s mental disorder and their offending behaviours and make decisions regarding which level of intervention would best meet their presenting needs.

Designated Clinical Team Psychologist

  • The postholder will continually be required to made decisions and judgements about a wide range of factors, e.g.: Appropriate means of assessment; the psychological needs of the patient; suitability for treatment; progress made during treatment at various points during treatment, and the need for further work, alternative interventions or discharge; the purpose of challenging behaviours and possible responses from the Clinical Team; choosing an appropriate intervention; adapting interventions to meet the needs of the patient; evaluating the level and type of risk that a patient may pose using a range of information sources and from this producing a risk management plan; evaluating the appropriateness of interventions and adapting or changing as necessary; evaluating the performance of others through supervision; managing the sequencing of a range of psychological interventions.

  • The postholder is fully responsible and autonomous for the clinical psychology input to a continuing care Ward.

  • New initiatives for working within the ward can be devised and implemented in consultation with the CTM and approval sought from the Head of Psychology.

  • The postholder will continuously be expected to make highly complex judgements about assessment, intervention, management and future risk which require the analysis, interpretation and comparison of a range of options about patient need and care. These sources may contain discrepant information. They must be prepared to defend these judgments to colleagues and other professionals who may hold divergent views.

  • To make decisions about the appropriate allocation of psychological work to assistant and/or trainee psychologists and other disciplines conducting psychological work

  • To make decisions regarding how to most appropriately provide supervision to assistant and trainee psychologists.

  • To make decisions regarding how to most appropriately provide supervision and consultation to other disciplines conducting psychological work

  • To make decisions regarding how to most effectively consult and constructively convey information regarding psychological aspects of a patients care to other disciplines or agencies

  • To make judgements regarding the impact of data protection policy development and information policy development upon psychology services, and vice versa; and to then decide how to communicate this to the multidisciplinary committees involved

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