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  • Working with extremely complex, disturbed and mentally disordered individuals who may be hostile about or resistant to intervention for a number of reasons. Building positive therapeutic relationships is a key step towards a successful intervention but engaging a patient may be extremely challenging particularly if their mental disorder or prior negative experiences of mental health facilities creates suspicion and/or paranoia.

  • Managing the referrals to the PTS that they are responsible for – the referral criteria are based upon best practice guidelines (i.e. SIGN and NICE guidelines) and thus at any one time the number of referrals may place great demands on the resources available. Managing the resources to meet this ongoing demand requires very skilful strategic planning and resource management.

  • Working within Mental Health and Criminal Justice Legislation and to this end holding a duty of care not only to the patient but to the public.

  • The post holder may find themselves in conflict with the other members of the multi-disciplinary clinical team regarding a patient’s needs or care plan. The post holder must be able to manage and solve such challenging conflicts.

  • Developing protocols for treatment in the absence of best practice for this specialist population.

  • To be an agent of change with such complex patients

  • Taking responsibility for Risk Assessment and Risk Management

  • Being constantly aware that you may be called to provide expert testimony in court
  • Being at risk of hostile/challenging behaviours

  • To ensure human rights principles are adhered to within clinical practice and conduct.

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