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8b £47,562 - £58,799 plus High Secure Environment Allowance of £1226 and High Secure Responsibility Allowance of £2943.


Negotiable up to 10 sessions (37.5) hours per week.

Post details:

Psychological Services at the State Hospital is a large and well resourced department in Scotland’s only high secure hospital. We currently offer a comprehensive psychological service for up to 120 patients. As well as ward based psychologists working in multi-disciplinary clinical teams with the responsibility for the assessment and delivery of individual treatments, there is a significant multi-disciplinary psychological therapy service (PTS). Current well developed Psychological Therapies include interventions for psychosis, personality difficulties, violence and sexual offending and addictive behaviour. The State Hospital psychology team is a member of the forensic matrix group and work with other forensic mental health psychology services in Scotland to develop and deliver psychological interventions to match the offending and mental health needs of our patients.

Clinical psychologists are also significantly involved in a number of hospital-wide strategies groups and initiatives; all senior staff are encouraged to take a role in these where appropriate to their interests and expertise.

We currently have a vacancy for an experienced forensic clinical psychologist to join our team. This person will take the lead role in the management of the group-based psychological therapies. The role requires significant clinical leadership as well as planning and organisational skill, the ability to work independently and to make proactive decisions about resource management.
In addition they will be responsible for the psychological service to one multi-disciplinary clinical team and will lead a small group of psychologists and psychological therapists working on that team.
The post holder must have an Interest in the development of psychological therapies in a forensic setting, experience of working with mentally disordered offenders and/or experience of working with complex difficulties such as psychosis or personality disorder. Skills in the assessment and management of risk of future harm using a structure professional judgement approach are also essential.
All applicants should show a keen interest in implementing the spirit of mental health legislation, ensuring an integrated care pathway for patients in their progress towards safe re-integration in the community and with a vision that will energise the development of a national forensic network in Scotland. You will be committed to the implementation of the philosophy of the equalities and diversities agendas.

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