P rincipal Clinical Psychologist

Evidence of understanding of forensic practice

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Evidence of understanding of forensic practice

Understands the moral and ethical challenges in therapeutic work with offenders.

Demonstrates understanding of psychological theory in risk assessment and management of high risk offenders

Demonstrates competence in risk assessment and management

Supervisor experience

Evidence of supervising other delivering psychological interventions

Understanding of the role that CP/HS practitioners have in working in the NHS


Highly complex cases

Strategic development

Understanding of legislation

Evidence of clinical leadership skills

Ability to motivate others

Ability to resolve difficulties in personal relationships

Personal resilience

Evidence of significant project delivery including projects where leadership of others was required

Able to evidence support and development of others

Evidence of forward thinking and creativity in relation to service development

Evidence of management and organisational skills

Ability to manage an aspect of a service, plan delivery and monitor results

Evidence of positive MDT working

Evidence of good MDT working (self)

Promotes good MDT working in others

Demonstrates ability to use the consultancy role within an MDT to implement care plans

Understanding of transference and counter-transference

Evidence of non-paranoid thinking

Evidence of understanding the “total institution” effect

Evidence of reflective practice

Able to demonstrate use of reflective practice in supervision

Understanding CP role in the governance process

Able to give examples of cp role in governance of psychological services

Refers to all of Efficiency, safety and effectiveness

Excellent written and analytical skills

Ability to write excellent English

Ability to write concisely

Ability to present a written argument

Teaching and training

Has experience of teaching and training others in psychological therapy

Experiencing of designing and delivering training

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