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Job Title: Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Responsible to (insert job title): Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Department(s): Psychological Services
Directorate: Psychology
Operating Division: The State Hospital
Job Reference:
No of Job Holders: 1
Last Update (insert date):11th June 2009 (due for update 2017)


To provide psychological care to mentally disordered offenders within a high security forensic NHS setting. In particular, this job has three key responsibilities: As Designated Clinical Team Psychologist, to be responsible for providing consultancy and having responsibility for the psychological care of patients for the Clinical Team. Within Psychological Therapies, to be responsible for research as well as managing, developing, implementing and evaluating one or more of the psychological therapies available to our patients with a diagnosis of psychosis and personality disorder. Thirdly to perform corporate and professional duties. This involves the operational management and coordination of the group based psychological therapies within the service.


Within Psychological Therapies, the postholder has Lead responsibility for one or more psychological therapy or therapies for psychosis or personality disorder in the hospital (the vast majority of patients in the hospital meet these criteria). The service aims to provide a menu of appropriate psychological interventions at different levels [intensive individual psychological therapy, group psychological therapy and group/individual psycho-education The management of these services involves

  • Developing evidence-based assessment and treatment protocols for staff involved in specific interventions for Psychosis, personality disorder or offending behaviour ensuring best practice via interpretation of national and local guidelines.

  • Implementation of assessment and treatment protocols (directly by postholder and indirectly through management and supervision of suitably qualified therapists)

  • Responsibility for the evaluation of effectiveness of the various protocols.

  • Assigning and delegating work to the dedicated staff reporting to the post holder including PTS nurses,, other Clinical Psychologists and Assistant Psychologists.

  • Direct clinical supervision of Clinical Psychologists, Assistant and Trainee Psychologists, nurses and Clinical Nurse Specialists who provide therapeutic input to the service
  • Being responsible for supervision of a range of professionals providing input to the service (nurses, clinical psychologists, a forensic psychologists and psychiatrists)

  • Teaching and training of staff

  • Responsibility for audit and service evaluation of own work and work of others involved in the PTS they are responsible for including developing own research portfolio.

  • Disseminate this information via publications and conferences in order to inform others working in this highly complex and relatively under-researched area.

  • To provide training in the protocols to other psychologists working with for Psychosis, Personality disorder or offending beahviour in forensic settings. (disseminating evidence based practice and protocols)

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