P rincipal Clinical Psychologist

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Head of Psychological Services

Team lead psychologist

This job

Nursing staff


Assistant psychologist (0.5)

Clinical Nurse Specialists (1.5)

Clinical psychologists


To provide specialist Forensic Clinical Psychological Services in collaboration with the multi-professional agencies represented in forensic psychiatry for Scotland and Northern Ireland that meet the assessed needs of mentally disordered offenders detained in the State Hospital under the statutes of Mental Health and Criminal Justice legislation.

To ensure the availability of appropriate psychological treatments for patients with mental illness, personality disorders and learning disabilities in the level of security commensurate with their assessed level of risk (dangerousness).

To provide the right treatment, in the right place, at the right time requires the department to collaborate with Psychological Services across Scotland and Northern Ireland at all levels of security to ensure an integrated care pathway for mentally disordered patients.

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