P rincipal Clinical Psychologist

Research and Development/Service evaluation

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Research and Development/Service evaluation

  • To utilise theory, evidence-based literature and research to support evidence-based practice in individual work and work with other team members

  • To carry out research in the area of of PTS that they are responsible for e.g. developing the area of best practice with regard clinical assessment and intervention.

  • To supervise others undertaking research

  • To generate and undertake new and innovative research in relevant clinical areas (part of this to be undertaken by developing links with other special hospitals in order to develop a national research strategy)

  • To maintain a high level of expertise in research methods

  • To generate new areas of research which seek to increase knowledge in psychology and clinical and forensic practice

  • To organise, convene and present original clinical relevant research at conferences and workshops.

  • Evaluate the progress of patients in therapy through the use of psychometrics and individually tailored measures

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the PTS Service that they are responsible for through service evaluation and audit

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