Damasio’s IOWA gambling procedure

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Damasio’s IOWA gambling procedure



Draws card

Feedback: win or loss

Skin Conductance

  • Participants get initially $2000
  • They take a card from 1 of 4 decks.Two are bad decks.
  • Skin Conductance is recorded and averaged separately for the trials in which the subject choose a card from good decks vs trials where subject choose a card from the bad decks

Results for healthy subjects

Subjects take more often from good decks while thinking they are just guessing, they learn the good decks. (IMPLICIT LEARNING)

Before the subjects explicitly formulate the difference between the decks of cards, their body already ‘knows’. This is indicated by larger skin conductance before taking from a bad deck.(SOMATIC MARKER)

There is criticism on the experiments and the interpretation. Nonetheless Intuition seem to be driven by past information.

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