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CURRICULUM VITAE (Judaism/Jewish World)


Academic Background:

New School for Social Research Ph.D., Psychology 1969

N. Y. Medical College, Fellowship, Neurophysiology 1967-68

New School for Social Research M.A., Psychology 1967

Bard College B.A., Comparative Literature and Language 1963
Institutional Affiliation:

Middle East Forum – Fellow

Institute for the Study of Global Anti-Semitism and Policy – Fellow

Scholars for Peace in the Middle East – Charter member

Brandeis University, Research Scholar and visiting professor, 1998

College of Staten Island (CUNY) - Emerita Professor, Psychology, 1969 - 1998

Clinical Experience:

Intern, Department of Psychology and Psychiatry, New York Medical College, Metropolitan

Hospital, NYC, 1968-1969.
Intern, Psychotherapy, Washington Square Institute for Psychotherapy and Mental Health, NYC, 1968-1969.
Private practice, Psychotherapy and Forensic Psychology, 1970-1991


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