Phyllis chesler, ph. D

Academic Awards and Professional Honors

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Academic Awards and Professional Honors:

Defender of Women's Rights Award. UJA Women.
National Jewish Book Award for the 2013 book An American Bride in Kabul.
Appointed Fellow of the Middle East Forum.
"Nike Prize for Distinguished Achievement for Recognition of Work”
“Scholar and Research” - Named First Scholar and Research Associate appointed at Brandeis University’s Hadassah Women’s Research Institute
Entry in Encyclopedia Judaica.
Entry in Feminists Who Changed America.
Entry in Jewish Women in America.
Selected for Biographical Listing in American Men and Women of Science.
"Woman of Distinction Kingsborough Community Award”
“The Feminist Book.” Given in recognition of Sacred Bond: Motherhood, London, England
The Association of Women in Psychology (AWP) Celebrate the Re-issue of Women and Madness by Phyllis Chesler (National Convention)
Certificate presented by the Feminist Therapy Center of Toyko, Japan in celebration of its tenth anniversary and in honor of Phyllis Chesler's work.
"The Positive Image of Women" Award - National Organization of Women, NYC
Dorothy Gelgor Prize in Psychology - The New School for Social Research.

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