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C. Whan Park
Born: November 3, 1944 633 19th Street

Married, 2 children Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 Home: 310-545-7713

University of Southern California Office: 213-740-7107

Marshall School of Business Email: choong@marshall.usc.edu

Department of Marketing

ACC Room 308D

Los Angeles, CA 90089
Robert E. Brooker University of Southern California

Professor of Marketing 2016-present

Joseph A. DeBell University of Southern California,

Professor of Marketing 1997-2016

Albert Wesley Frey Distinguished University of Pittsburgh, 1992-1997

Professor of Marketing

Distinguished Professor of Marketing University of Pittsburgh, 1985
Professor University of Pittsburgh,1983-85
Associate Professor University of Pittsburgh, 1979
Visiting Associate Professor U.C.L.A., 1978 (Fall) - 1979
Associate Professor School of Business,

University of Kansas, 1978-1979

Assistant Professor School of Business, University of Kansas

Appointed in August, 1974

 Graduated from Seoul National University (B.A. in German Language and Literature), 1967.

 Graduated from University of Illinois (M.S. and Ph.D. in Business Administration, Majoring in Marketing), 1969-1974.

 Major teaching interests:

1. Marketing Management

2. Consumer Behavior

3. Marketing Strategy

4. Promotion Strategy

 Participated in Several Executive Development Programs.

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