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PH.D. STUDENTS– Committee Chairperson

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PH.D. STUDENTS– Committee Chairperson

Year Name Current Affiliation
1982 Banwari Mittal Northern Kentucky University
1983 Vinod Thukral Tulane University

(co-chair with Parker Lessig)

1983 Easwar Iyer University of Massachusetts (Amherst)

1986 Deborah MacInnis University of Southern California

1986 Bernard Jaworski Claremont Graduate College

(co-chair with Gerard Zaltman)

1986 Gordan William McClung Waynesburg University
1987 Daniel C. Smith Indiana University (Bloomington)
1988 Christine Moorman Duke University (Durham)

(co-chair with Gerard Zaltman)

1990 Dong Hoon Lee ORICOM Advertising

Agency (Korea)

1992 Sandra J. Milberg Universidad Adolfo Ibanez (Chile)
1993 Karen Russo France West Virginia University
1994 Rajesh Sethi Clarkson University

(co-chair with Daniel Smith)

1995 Robert Lawson William Patterson College

(co-chair with Rajiv Grover)

1997 Robert Gilbert University of Pittsburgh

1997 Reshma Shah Emory University

1998 Ganseog Ryu Korea University
2001 Jeanie Han Line Euro-Americas Corp.
2002 Yun-Oh Whang University of Pittsburgh
2004 Matthew Thomson University of Western Ontario

(co-chair with Deborah J. MacInnis)

2004 Vanessa Patrick University of Houston

(co-chair with Deborah J. MacInnis)

2010 Heather Wan Hewlett Packard

(co-chair with Deborah J. MacInnis)

2012 Gratiana Pol Entrepreneur
2013 Sean Coary St. Josephs University

2016 Michael Jia Hong Kong University

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