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Assessments in the Recovery and Reconstruction Phase

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Assessments in the Recovery and Reconstruction Phase


To what extent is the community progressing or is it stuck in its recovery and reconstruction of its environment, groups and networks?

Is the community well informed and able to access help?

Are insurances and compensations being distributed quickly and fairly?

Has the community adequate advocacy?

To what extent and how appropriately, is the community self-reliant and assuming responsibilities for itself and to what extent is it dependent on others?

Is the community being commercially exploited?

Are new balances harmonious with high morale or with low morale,
smouldering with conflict, blame and sense of injustice and if so,
what are the factors causing this?

Have significant memorials been held, the causes of the disaster resolved and justice achieved?

Are heroes and workers, as well as all survivors being recognized?

Are creative integrations of the event into community history and meaning being achieved, values, identity and existential meanings re-established or is there lasting disillusionment, discontent,
splintering and people leaving the community?

Are those identified as vulnerable earlier progressing well, or are their earlier responses becoming entrenched into symptoms and illnesses?

Are delayed biological, psychological or social symptoms and illnesses coming to the fore and are they being attended to by service providers?

Have contacts with referral services been made and maintained?

Are communities, schools, helper agencies, informed to look out for disaster consequences for even up to years into the future?

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