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Psychological support; counter-trauma environment

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Psychological support; counter-trauma environment.

Psychological support characteristics include a safe space with boundaries within which one can absorb, think, feel, express fully, communicate and put one’s experience in context. Listening to a distressed person, offering empathy and understanding, enables them not to feel alone and helps to place their personal experience in a context which helps them come to terms with it.
However, the support person is required to make a sensitive and appropriate contact, to retain an objective and non-judgemental approach and to refrain from giving advice or commenting on their emotions.
Support is gained from acceptance and the opportunity to express oneself in as full a way as necessary. Often this is not in accordance with normal conversations where people tend to pass judgement on what they hear,
compare it with their own experience or evaluate it. In particular, it is inappropriate to expect an untrained person to listen to painful or distressing experiences while still retaining an objective and supportive attitude.

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