Psychological Services

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Therapeutic relationship

is a very important feature of psychological support. As well as empathic listening and tuning into affected people for the purpose of being able to offer skilled help, the relationship is reliable,
punctual, objective and non-judgemental. It provides a template for hope,
trust, bonding and faith that the world can provide kindness, comfort and reliability.

Relief of specific distress; symptomatic treatment.
Intervention may mitigate specific distress or symptoms. This includes mitigating creature distress, such as by facilitating provision of warmth, shelter, food or toiletries. People may be
taught skills in asking
for such items by understanding helping networks and know how to ask for what, where and how. Empowerment may also be facilitated by learning
physical skills
to improve one’s
external environment
, while ventilation of feelings and skills to
manage tension, anxiety, anger
and other intense emotions facilitates taking control over one’s
internal environment
. Drugs may also be helpful in controlling symptoms such as anxiety and depression...

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