Psychological Services

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Psychological services have uses at all hierarchical levels. At higher levels they may hold in mind prior protocols, communication networks and help to maintain or re-establish them. Lower down emergent helping networks should be encouraged and linked with standing rescue teams. workers need encouragement to not stand on pride and territory, but help each other, as well as to make clear requests for necessary help from outside.
Leaders who may be wavering need encouragement. They should be helped and empowered to fulfill their roles such as to communicate orders, raise morale, provide information and scotch rumours. Leaders who know the bigger picture should be encouraged to take responsibility for prioritisation.
This can relieve rank and file workers of much potential guilt and obsessive needs to provide “perfect” treatment, albeit to only a small section of the population.
Central registers and information on people’s whereabouts and their states of being may be facilitated.
workers may check that vulnerable groups are being attended.
Psychological understanding of apparently “irrational” people, whose inappropriate actions for the circumstances may be directed by desires to search for or care for relatives, may dispel “difficult” behavior and preempt frustrated workers from using force.
workers may themselves be helped such as by bringing to their notice their exhaustion, need for rest and instituting rosters.

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