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Reuniting with parents and family and provision of creature comforts are even more urgent for children than for adults. Next, it is important to establish an environment of security, routine, education, contacts with peers and opportunities for play and drawing to express the children’s experiences.
As for adults, it is important to give children opportunities to express themselves in one to one situations. Their physical and social reenactments may then be connected to particular child versions of traumatic events,
judgements and their meanings. For instance, children may feel that the disasters, deaths and subsequent parental strains and irritability are due to their badness. They may combine their concerns with atavistic meanings of predatory worlds, and monsters and witches.
Again acute therapy, this time tailored to children, may prevent such symptoms and meanings becoming entrenched. Interventions need to be congruent with children’s developmental phases and using their special modes and means of communication such as play and drawing.

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