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Nature of Specialist Psychological Services as Integral to

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Nature of Specialist Psychological Services as Integral to
Emergency Management
Emergencies and disasters typically have a wide range of impacts on individuals and communities. These may include the impacts of evacuation,
damage to community infrastructure, personal loss and financial hardship.
There is a psychological component to each of these impacts which may require local attention as well as attention at the management level.
Reciprocally, the planning, management and delivery of emergency services by disaster managers in many areas in all disaster phases have the potential to have serious psychological consequences for individuals and affected communities as a whole.
Therefore positive consequences can be enhanced and negative ones avoided, or at least alleviated, through disaster managers being informed by specialist psychological consultancy of the psychological consequences of their decisions.

Indeed, it is critical that the psychological dimension informs understanding,
planning, training, assessment, decision making and service delivery components of emergency management. This should occur in an integrated way, from local to regional state national and international levels as required.
In addition, psychological services may be utilised by managers to deal with secondary stresses within their own sub-systems.

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