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who present their services in this phase

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who present their services in this phase

are assessed as others were in the preimpact phase for specialist organisational and individual skills. Criteria for assessment are those described in chapter 4. Personnel are now deployed or rejected according to their skills and matching needs.
Once deployed, assessment of secondary stress and trauma effects following work in this phase is carried out as for other personnel.
The same principles and methods of delivery are provided for psychological service providers as they provided for other services. Such interventions include breaks, rosters, defusion, supervision, mentoring counselling and debriefing. This is organized by higher levels of psychological services and management and is built into psychological service self- monitoring. These higher levels must also ensure maintenance of group and personal morale through support and recognition and reward for effort.
As for other workers, debriefing includes operational review as well as personal and group review of subjective responses to caretaking efforts and professional roles. Biological, psychological, social responses and moral and existential concerns are reviewed and placed into realistic contexts.
Individual workers are also monitored and catered for according to their needs, for instance by one to one counselling.

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