Psychological Services

Specific Ethical Principles

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Specific Ethical Principles

In Relation to Clients, Patients.
First do no harm.
Primacy of clients’ or patients’ welfare.
Whatever is best for clients should take primacy. In particular the vulnerability of their traumatized state should not be exploited for financial, academic, organisational or personal rewards. The impulse to help should be balanced by likely benefits and disadvantages to victims.
Collaboration with clients or patients.
To the degree possible trauma therapy should be collaborative and reciprocal, clients being able to control the occurrence of the therapy and having equal power in it. When clients are approached as part of an outreach process, its rationale should be explained very early and permission to continue be asked for. If clients are unable to give informed consent to therapy, a prime goal should be to help them to be able to do so. The rights as well as special needs of children, the elderly, the ill and ethnically unassimilated should be respected.

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