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Psychology/Women’s Studies 336: Psychology of Women

Fall 2018

Mon/Wed 12:00-12:50pm, Fridays online/with group members

BPS 1250

Course Description:
What is the Psychology of Women? What role does female gender play in individual behavior, thoughts, or experiences? What experiences are unique to women and how do these experiences influence women’s development across the lifespan? How do psychologists seek to understand psychological development, mental health, and mental illness among women?
This course will address a variety of topics, including psychological theories related to gender development across the lifespan, diversity, work, family, mental health issues, and violence against women. We will review and critically analyze psychological theory and research concerning how psychologists understand gender and discuss contemporary issues that shape women’s experiences. This investigation will facilitate a meaningful consideration of issues that have relevance to you as individuals. The most important goal of this course is to help you think critically about this area of psychology and its impact on other areas of psychology.

The expression of diverse viewpoints is highly valued in this class. It is expected that students and the instructor will strive to create a mutually respectful environment in which it is safe to express multiple perspectives.

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