Psychology Chapter Review

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Psychology Chapter Review

  • Achievement refers to knowledge and skills gained from experience.
  • Achievement focuses on the things that you know and can do.
  • Intelligence can be defined as the ability to learn from experience, to think rationally, and to deal effectively with the environment.
  • Intelligence makes achievement possible by giving people the ability to learn.
  • Spearman’s Two Factor Theory
  • Nearly 100 years ago, British psychologist Charles Spearman suggested that all the behavior we consider to be intelligent has a common underlying factor.
    • He labeled the factor “g,” which stands for “general intelligence.”
    • The g factors represents the abilities to reason and to solve problems.
    • he suggested that specific or “s” factors account for particular abilities.
    • The most capable people are relatively better at some things than others, such as writing and music rather than math.

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