Psychology of learning

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Dear students in the preceding section, you have analysed the nature, definition, scope and function of psychology of learning. We have also discussed the psychological concept of learing.
In this unit, we will describe the important methods of studying psychology of learning. Students all the method to study psychology of learning are basically methods of general psychology.

A brief review of the development of methods will be helpful for you to understand the important of the subject in greater perspective.
The first effort of conducting systematic experimental studies in psychology was stared in 1879 in Germany with the establishment of first laboratory of psychology by William Wundt.
The next important method of collecting data was evolved with the development of psychoanalysis an independent system of psychology by Sigmund Freud who emphasized importance of unconscious in understanding the behaviour. In the second decade of 20
th century, psychology developed as an objective science of behaviour by the efforts of Pavlov Watson and Guthrie. Experimental and observation methods were developed to collect data to study behaviour. Simultaneously testing movement started with the introduction of statistics in psychology.
Students here we will study only the following methods of studying psychology of learning. They are A Introspection method B Observation method C Experimental method

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