Psychology of learning

The Unconditioned Stimulus (food (UCS)

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The Unconditioned Stimulus (food (UCS)

An unconditioned stimulus is anything, which can evoke a response without prior learning or conditioning.

For example
, when a dog eats some food it causes his mouth to salivate. Therefore the food is an unconditioned stimulus, because it causes a reflex response (salivation) automatically and without the dog having to learn how to salivate.

Unconditioned Stimulus
– This causes an automatic reflex response.
Conditioned Stimulus (bell (CS)
The conditioned stimulus is created by learning, and therefore does not create a response without prior conditioning.

For example
, when Pavlov rang a bell and caused the dogs to salivate, this was a conditioned stimulus because the dogs learnt to associate the bell with food. If they had not learnt to associate the bell with food, they would not have salivated when the bell was rung.

Conditioned Stimulus
– You need to learn first before it creates a response. It is an acquired power to change something.

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