Psychology of learning

Unconditioned Reflex/Response (salivation)

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Unconditioned Reflex/Response (salivation):

An unconditioned reflex is anything that happens automatically without you having to think about it, such as your mouth salivating when you eat. Unconditioned Reflex – Reflex that happens automatically and you did not have to learn how to do it.

Conditioned Reflex (salivation in response to bell):
A conditioned reflex is a response which you have learnt to associate with something.

For example
, the dogs salivated when Pavlov rang a bell, when previously (without conditioning) the bell would not cause the dogs to salivate.

Conditioned Reflex
– A reflex that can be evoked in response to a conditioned stimulus (a previously neutral stimulus.

Basic concepts in classical conditioning:
There are several principles that are associated with classical conditioning, some of these are

a conditioned response will disappear overtime when the conditioned stimulus is no longer presented.

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