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Students at many times, when you have experienced an emotion like anger or fear you begin to think reasons for the state of yours.
You say, Why have I been annoyed over this or that Why been afraid of such things The analysis of your emotional state may take place simultaneously with the emotion or it maybe done after the emotional state is over. In whatever manner it is done, it gives you an understanding, though rudimentary of your mind. This method of probing into your mental processes is a method of introduction utilized by psychologists in a much-refined manner.
Let us see in detail what do we mean by Introduction and its merits and demerits. What we mean by introspection
Introduction is a method of self-observation. The word Introspection is made up of two Latin words. Intro meaning within and “Aspection” meaning looking. Hence it is a method where an individual is looking within oneself.

Angel considered it as looking inward. In Introduction the individual peeps into his own mental state and observes his own mental processes.
Stout considers that to introspect is to attend to the working of one’s own mind in a systematic way.

Introspection method is one of the oldest methods to collect data about the conscious experiences of the subject. It is a process of self – examination where one perceives, analyses and reports one’s own feelings. Let us learn this process with the help of an example, suppose you are happy and in the state of happiness you look within yourself. It is said you are introspecting your own mental feelings and examining what is going on in your mental process in the state of happiness. Similarly, you may introspect instate of anger or fear etc Introspection is also defined as the notice, which the mind takes of itself. Let us seethe stages distinguished in introspection. Students there are three clear stages in introspection.

1. During the observation of external object, the person beings to ponder over his own mental states. For example While listening to the music, which is to him pleasant or unpleasant he starts thinking about his own mental state.
2. The person begins to question the working of the his own mind. He thinks and analyses Why has he said such and such thing Why as he talked in a particular manner And soon. he tries to frame the laws and conditions of mental processes He thinks in terms of improvement of his reasoning or the control of his emotional stages. This stage of that of the scientific methods for the advancement of our scientific knowledge.

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