Psychology of learning

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1) List six ways of enhancing transfer of learning
2) Why do you consider Transfer of Learning a very important aspect in teaching
3) Write short notes on i. Positive Transfer ii. Negative Transfer iii. Zero Transfer


The relevance of transfer of learning has been stressed in this unit. It will help the teachers on the action programmes that can facilitate learning transfer.


In this unit we learnt about

The meaning and concept of learning. The motive behind this is to ensure the learners have foundation knowledge of educational psychology and learning before actually advancing in other concepts.

This unit help us to understand characteristics, process of learning and Learning curve.

The theories of Learning, the meaning of Instrumental/Operant Conditioning of BF. Skinner. It mentioned the two major types of responses, the relevance of reinforcement as well as punishment to students learning. Also, the implications of the theory to educational settings were discussed.

Thorndike’s theory emphasizes that the fundamental of learning is the association between sense impressions and impulses to action (stimuli and responses. The theory stresses readiness, exercises and effect as the conditions for learning.

Classical conditioning theory was formulated by Ivan Pavlov and the basic tenet of the theory is that behaviour of an organism can be manipulated using some environmental factors. The key relevance of theory to the learning is it emphasizes practice of one task before moving onto another and encourages the use of motivation for effective learning.

In this unit, we learnt about meaning of transfer of learning, theories of transfer of learning and classroom implications of transfer of learning

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