Psychology of learning

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Change in stimuli

: If the clock suddenly stops its ticking, it is likely to attract attention. If a teacher pauses in the midst of the lecture, the students are likely to pay more attention to the next few words
: A glaring light, sharp sound, fluorescent markers serve as attention grabbers.
: Words of a song that are repeated or words in a lecture that are repeated attract attention.

Significance of Attention
It is basic need for all types of learning. Every moment of yours is attracted by many stimuli of the environment. Your mind is notable to concentrate on all the stimuli at the same time. It is because of attention that you are able to concentrate on important aspect of a single object. Consider a classroom, where there are lot of things like, desk, bench, chalk, blackboard, duster, fan and charts. When a teacher shows you a particular chart, you pay attention to that. It shifts the focus of learner to the chart this helps them to learn more about it. Therefore, it can be said that attention helps you to clear the vivid objects.

It arouses interest in learners to learn a particular thing.

It increases efficiency of the learner

It motivates learners to learn more

It make the learners ready to learn

It brings a state of alternates in learners for doing task

It helps the learner to perceive events or ideas. Thus, attention is a necessary condition for any task in the classroom. It is the hub of entire learning process. It is essential for learning as well as understanding well. Attention is an essential factor for teachers as well as students. If you are attentive in classroom, you are fully prepared to receive any stimulus. It enables you to learn properly within a period. It helps you to achieve the target within short period and with reasonable amount of effort.

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