Psychology of learning

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Types of Motivation
There are two types of motivation or arousals. They can either be internally or externally driven. The desire for food or sex arises from within us (intrinsic, while the yearning to obtain recognition or approval is influenced by the conditions in our environment (extrinsic. In view of the above explanation, motivation is divided into intrinsic and extrinsic.

1. Intrinsic Motivation
Is an internal force or motive within the individual which propels him/her into emitting certain behaviour. It is an innate or genetically predetermined disposition to behave in a particular way when he/she faces a particular situation. This type of motivation can make an individual to have the feelings of self- confidence and competence (Deci and Ryan, 1985). A student who is intrinsically motivated may carryout a task because of the enjoyment he/she derives from such a task. In another way, a dog that sees a bone and runs for it, did that because of the satisfaction it derives from eating bone. This type of behaviour does not require any prior learning. Sighting the bone changes the behaviour of the dog and propels it to act.

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