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Merits of Introspection Method

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Merits of Introspection Method

It is the cheapest and most economical method. We do not need any apparatus or laboratory for its use.

This method can be used anytime and anywhere you can introspect while walking, traveling, sitting on abed soon It is the easiest method and is readily available to the individual.

The introspection data are firsthand as the person himself examines his own activities.

Introspection has generated research which gradually led to the development of more objective methods.

It is still used in all experimental investigation.

It is the only method with the help of which and individual can know his emotions and feelings.
William James has pointed out the importance of this method in these words. Introspective observation is what we have to rely on first and foremost and always. The word introspection can hardly be defined-it means, of course, looking into our own minds and reporting what we there discover. Everyone agrees that we there discover states of consciousness. So far as I know, the existence of such states has never been doubled by my critic, however skeptical in other respects we may have been

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