Psychology of learning

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5. Self-Esteem Needs

: These are the things we desire in order that our ego will be boosted. After the individual has been accorded respect or recognition by others, the next thing for him/her is to start

seeking for the things that will make him/her enjoy considerable influence from others. The ability of someone to fulfil this condition makes him/her feel superior and self-confident. Inability to fulfil this need, makes a person feel dejected or inferior.
6. Aesthetic Needs
These needs include the desire of people to pursue or admire beautiful things their desire for beautiful and expensive cars, houses, materials, gorgeous and expensive dresses and beautiful surroundings with well trimmed and maintained flowers.
7. Self-Actualization Needs
When a person has successfully achieved or gained the most basic needs or wants, then such an individual will want to get a rare opportunity. It is the time when a person will like to distinguish him/herself, by seeking for power or extraordinary achievement. At this point person is said to have reached the peak of his potentials.

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1   ...   128   129   130   131   132   133   134   135   ...   268

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